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Image Conscious David Beckham vs The Bicycle Helmet

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Safety Tips, on .

Many say David Beckham, the England footballer who now resides in California, has set a dangerous example to youngsters who may now copy him. While his children wore safety gear while riding, Becks simply wore a grey wool hat and sunglasses.

To many this might not seem like a big deal, but a recent study shows 10 to 15 year old age group counted for 17% of those killed or seriously injured in cycling incidents between 2005-2007, almost twice as many as any other age group. What do you think? Read more about David Beckham and the Bicycle Helmet.

Is it Safer in a Bike Lane?

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Safety Tips, on .

Have you heard this?

You’re safer without any bike lanes, separated lanes, cycle tracks, bike boulevards, off-road paths. Just take the lane, follow the rules, wear your helmet, and you’ll be fine.

A group of scholars at the University of British Columbia conducted a literature review, looking at all available studies linking bicycle safety with infrastructure. Their conclusions will be counterintuitive for some. “Results to date suggest that sidewalks and multi-use trails pose the highest risk, major roads are more hazardous than minor roads, and the presence of bicycle facilities (e.g. on-road bike routes, on-road marked bike lanes, and off-road bike paths) was associated with the lowest risk.”​

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