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​Here are a few important steps to protect your legal rights after you have been in a bicycle crash.

  • Always report your bicycle accident to police
  • Preserve damaged property
  • Photograph the damage
  • Have your bike shop manager observe, assess, and document the damage
  • Report your accident to your car insurance
  • Get a copy of the police report
  • Contact your insurance company, name of the insurance adjuster, claim number and phone number
  • If you pay the ticket and you don’t contest the citation, you could look guilty
  • Anything you say can later be repeated and used against you in court
  • Don’t use social networks to write about your accident
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, and your damaged bicycle
  • Get names of eyewitnesses if possible

Most importantly contact a reputable bicycle accident attorney that knows about the laws. If you would like to receive a free consult, please feel free to either call me at (904) 632-2424 or send me an email.