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When Cars and Bikes Crash, It’s Typically the Motorists’ Fault

Posted by Chris Burns in Florida Bicycle Laws on Friday, March 02, 2018.

As cyclists, we hear motorists blame us for the way “all of you bikers” ride recklessly and flagrantly on the roads. Motorists often don’t respect cyclists because they claim cyclists “always break the law”, slow down other traffic, don’t pay for roads, are eccentrics, and even “have a death wish.” In my law practice, I find that motorists overwhelmingly blame bicyclists for being the cause of accidents between them.

Burns Lends Expertise to Jacksonville’s 2017 Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling AdvocacyCycling News on Thursday, June 08, 2017.

Chris Burns was asked to serve on the steering committee and to provide his expertise and input for Jacksonville’s new pedestrian bicycle master plan. He has advocated for more than a decade that Jacksonville must become a safer place for people to ride bicycles and walk.  Yet, Jacksonville had not developed a new bike ped master plan since 1999.  

Do Daytime Bike Lights Help Cyclists?

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Safety TipsFlorida Bicycle Laws on Wednesday, March 08, 2017.

In the past, it seemed as if only the rare, fearful, or especially nervous cyclist might have a blinking light on the back of their bicycle during daytime. Most of us thought that lights at daytime were overkill, a non-factor, because the lights seemed too dim and not noticeable due to natural “ambient” light outdoors.