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Burns Lends Expertise to Jacksonville’s 2017 Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Advocacy, Cycling News, on .

Chris Burns was asked to serve on the steering committee and to provide his expertise and input for Jacksonville’s new pedestrian bicycle master plan. He has advocated for more than a decade that Jacksonville must become a safer place for people to ride bicycles and walk.  Yet, Jacksonville had not developed a new bike ped master plan since 1999.  

Sharrows Coming to Jacksonville

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We have convinced the City of Jacksonville to paint sharrows (shared lane marking) like the one below, on Beauclerc, Scott Mill, Mandarin, and Flynn Roads in Mandarin. The sharrows are placed 4 feet from the edge of the pavement for an excellent reason – your cycling safety.  On these narrow roads, there is not enough room for cyclists to ride to the far right edge of the road, and for motorists to pass them in the same lane, or by barely pulling around you. THEY MUST GIVE YOU 3 FEET.  You should ride on these roads by having your tires go over the middle of the sharrow.  That is closer to the middle of the lane than the far right edge of the pavement.

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2013 Florida Super Lawyer

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Being recognized as a Florida Super Lawyer for the last three years is an honor, especially since this designation comes through a multi-phased process including independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations. It's even more rewarding to be surrounded by fellow attorneys from Terrell Hogan Ellis Yegelwel, P.A., the Jacksonville law firm where I am a partner, who have also received this special rating. I would like to congratulate Wayne Hogan, Angelo M. Patacca Jr., Alan M. Pickert, Michael S. Sharrit, James T. Terrell and Evan J. Yegelwel for all receiving the Florida Super Lawyer rating this year. Great job guys!

Real Efforts Made by Miami to be Bicycle Friendly

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Advocacy, Cycling News, on .

​Congratulations to cycling advocates, EMERGE MIAMI, Miami’s Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator, Collin Worth, as well as Miami Mayor Manny Diaz for efforts being made to improve bicycling safety. There is no question it’s needed. According to the report entitled, “Dangerous By Design”, by Transportation For America, metro Miami area is the fourth most dangerous urban area for pedestrians and cyclists in the United States. From 2000-2009, Miami had 1,555 pedestrian deaths! Almost 22% of Miami’s traffic deaths were suffered by pedestrians. Cyclists are also suffering, and the death rate seems to be on the rise. In 2009, Miami Dade County had 12 bicycling fatalities, Broward had 11, and Palm Beach had 13. In the same year, Miami Dade County had 65 pedestrian deaths, Broward had 44, and Palm Beach County had 37.

Bicycling Fatality Trend Around Gainesville, Florida

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As a Gainesville cycling attorney, I am very aware and concerned about the safety of cyclists, including the more than 26,000 students who ride their bicycles on and around the campus at the University of Florida. Annual statistics for cycling fatalties in Alachua County reveal an alarming trend during the past five years. In 2005, there were no bicycling fatalities in Gainesville, Waldo, and the rest of Alachua County. From 2006 until now, there have been 15 or more bicycling deaths. In March 2011, Robert Paul King died while cycling in Gainesville during his participation in the Bike Florida tour. By comparison, Bradford County had only 1 cycling death in the past 5 years. Baker County and Gilchrist County and Levy County each had no bicycling deaths.

National Bicycling Crash Statistics Are Alarming

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling News, on .

​In 2011, the US Department of Transportation published Traffic Safety Facts about bicycling for the year 2009. The facts are very sobering. In 2009, there were 630 cyclists killed and 51,000 injured in crashes with motor vehicles. That means there is one bicycling injury about every 10 minutes! The good news – 2009 cycling fatalities are about 12% lower than the prior year, and are at the lowest mark since 2003.

Florida is Considered the Worst State in the U.S. for Safe Walking

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​A national study has been released which shows just how dangerous the state of Florida is for pedestrians. The study is titled, “Dangerous By Design” and was produced by the Washington-based advocacy group called Transportation in America. The study refers to a “Pedestrian Danger Index”, which assesses the overal danger to walkers for each state. Florida has the highest (worst) Pedestrian Danger Index score in the United States. In the decade between the years 2000-2009, there were 5,163 people who were killed while walking in Florida. Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville were the four most dangerous pedestrian cities in the United States. During this decade, Jacksonville suffered 342 pedestrian deaths. The Orlando area had 557 deaths. Tampa had 905 pedestrian deaths. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area sustained 1,555 deaths. Jacksonville is located in Duval County. More than 19% of all traffic deaths suffered in Duval County were by pedestrians. Miami and Tampa exceeded 21%.