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​My perspective on representing bicycle crash victims forever changed after being hospitalized from a devastating bicycle accident.

— Florida Bicycle Accident Attorney Chris Burns

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Bicycle Accident Cases I've Handled

Over the past 25 years I have successfully handled hundreds of cycling cases. Here’s a few examples of bicycle cases I’ve handled.

  • ​Bicycle accident injuries caused by the negligence or reckless acts of others
  • Wrongful deaths involving bicyclists
  • Bicycle equipment defects - broken stems, forks, frames, quick-releases, handlebars, seatposts, etc.
  • Injuries involving cars and bicycles
  • Accidents between bicycles and trucks
  • Motorcycle accidents with bicycles
  • Motorists “buzzing” cyclists
  • Road defects causing cycling accidents - potholes, dangerous road gratings, and unsafe man-hole covers
  • Property damage claims of cyclists
  • Insurance claims of bicyclists

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Life Without a Car - Can You Do it?

More and more Floridians are choosing to live without owning a car. Similarly, there has been an drop in the amount which Floridians drive gas-powered vehicles. About 1 out of 10 families is now meeting its transportation needs without a car. And the benefits are great.

Legal Advice for Bicyclists Who Don’t Own Cars

What happens if you are riding your bicycle, and you are hit by a car?  Who will pay your medical bills and lost wages?  There is a big difference in how these damages are treated – the difference depends upon whether the cyclist owns a car.

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