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Bicycle Medical Bills - Who Pays What?

Posted by Chris Burns in Florida Bicycle Laws, on .

You are riding your bicycle. Suddenly a car, or a bus, or a trash truck, or maybe a motorcycle pulls directly into your path. You cannot elude the vehicle – you suffer a collision. You need to go to the hospital or be evaluated by a doctor. You live in Florida. How are the medical bills supposed to be paid?  What if you don’t have health insurance?

Florida Law Should be Revised to Help Bicyclists

Posted by Chris Burns in Florida Bicycle Laws, on .

There are certain types of bicycle crashes in Florida in which police officers misunderstand or ignore the laws which apply.  In some situations, police officers may be uninformed or unaware of a key law designed to promote safety in bicycling.  In other instances, police have blamed their lack of enforcement by saying the law is too vague.     

Distracted Driving and Bicycle Accidents

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Did you know distracted driving injures and kills a large number of cyclists?  That numbers are increasing?  In 2013, Public Health Reports published an study analyzing pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. While motor vehicle fatality rates have decreased in the U.S. in the past five years, rates of pedestrian and bicycle fatalities have risen. And the incidence of bicyclists being killed by distracted driving accidents has gone through the roof – it has increased 30% in only 5 years.  Another interesting fact – most cyclists were killed during day light hours, while the majority of pedestrians were killed at night.

Police Officers Need Better Bicycle Training

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Police Officers must enforce traffic laws. But how effective are police officers at enforcing bicycle laws?  Many experts believe enforcement of bicycle laws is extremely poor around the country. In part, this is because most officers never receive training on bicycle specific laws. Many bicycle laws are designed to improve the safety of cyclists; yet, law enforcement does not understand or enforce these laws.

Cycling Injuries and Our Legal System

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Cycling is filled with joy and on rare occasion, misery – when you are the victim of a bicycle crash. As a cycling attorney, I have seen many bicycle riders suffer catastrophic and severe injuries from the neglect, recklessness, and failure to follow traffic laws by motorists. These injuries not only can change how their bodies function, but also change the entire quality of their lives. The number of cycling injuries is staggering. Head injuries are one of the most common and one of the most concerning. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, bicycle crashes were responsible for 86,000 head injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2009. Football was much less responsible for head injuries -  47,000.  Baseball accounted for 38,394.

Florida and the Lack of Distracted Driving Laws

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We used to claim that only our teenagers communicated largely by text messaging. Now, the world speaks through texting. In June 2011, more than 196 billion text messages were sent – in just one month! Sadly, many of those were sent or read by people operating vehicles.  Furthermore, most drivers admit that they at least answer phone calls received and continue to drive.