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​My perspective on representing bicycle crash victims forever changed after being hospitalized from a devastating bicycle accident.

— Florida Bicycle Accident Attorney Chris Burns

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Bicycle Accident Cases I've Handled

Over the past 25 years I have successfully handled hundreds of cycling cases. Here’s a few examples of bicycle cases I’ve handled.

  • ​Bicycle accident injuries caused by the negligence or reckless acts of others
  • Wrongful deaths involving bicyclists
  • Bicycle equipment defects - broken stems, forks, frames, quick-releases, handlebars, seatposts, etc.
  • Injuries involving cars and bicycles
  • Accidents between bicycles and trucks
  • Motorcycle accidents with bicycles
  • Motorists “buzzing” cyclists
  • Road defects causing cycling accidents - potholes, dangerous road gratings, and unsafe man-hole covers
  • Property damage claims of cyclists
  • Insurance claims of bicyclists

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Will Florida’s New Anti-Texting Law Stop Accidents?

Florida has enacted a new law on wireless communication while driving. Manual texting and emailing while driving is banned. But is this law strong enough? Will it likely improve safety for others, including cyclists?

Salsa Forks Recalled for 4th Time!

A recall, effective April 3, 2019, is in effect for 1,900 Salsa bicycles (“Warbird” and “Vaya”) due to the risk of their fork legs breaking.  

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