Bicycle Commuting in Florida

An important nationwide study about Bicycle Commuting, developed by the League of American Bicyclists, was released on September 29, 2014. It makes some impressive and startling conclusions about the levels of bicycling commuting nationwide, in Florida, and in various cities around the United States.

The bicycle commuting report (download PDF) says the following:

  • Nationwide, bicycle commuting has increased 62% since 2000.
  • Florida has experienced a 59% increase in bike commuting since 2005.
  • Even with the increase, no Florida city, even with our favorable weather, is in the Top 25 Cities for bike commuting.  You would not be surprised by the cities that were in the Top 25 – Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Tucson, Austin, Boulder, Oakland, San Diego, Albuquerque.
  • According to the study, Jacksonville ranks #54 out of the 70 largest cities.  Miami ranks #30.  Tampa ranks #24. This study concludes that from 200-20013, the number of Jacksonville bicycle commuters actually decreased by 17%.  Miami increased by 62%.  Tampa increased by 32%.
  • By comparison, Washington DC has had an increase of 498.5% since 1990.  Pittsburgh is up 440%. Detroit is up 438%.  Portland is up 408%.  Chicago is up 389%.  San Francisco is up 301%.  Even Anchorage, AK is up 156%.

What is the best way to improve Florida’s bicycle commuting?

  • Improve Safety
  • Engineering - Improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Encouragement - Bicycling and pedestrian commuting should be supported by local events
  • Education - Citizens and motorists of the health, economic and ecological benefits of walking and bicycling to work.
  • Evaluation - Of our progress routinely
  • Enforcement - Bicycle and pedestrian safety laws vigorously and judiciously