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Are Bicycle Lanes Safer than Sidewalks?

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Advocacy, on .

One of the most common bicycle crashes in Florida is when a cyclist is riding on a sidewalk and is injured by a vehicle exiting a driveway or parking lot. This type of accident is depicted above. I have personally represented dozens of bicyclists and pedestrians hurt in this manner. Most commonly, the driver of the car or truck does not look for traffic on the sidewalk at all. If the driver looks, it is only to their left to see if there is a gap in traffic, which would allow a right turn. The driver fails to check the sidewalk to the right.

Burns Lends Expertise to Jacksonville’s 2017 Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Advocacy, Cycling News, on .

Chris Burns was asked to serve on the steering committee and to provide his expertise and input for Jacksonville’s new pedestrian bicycle master plan. He has advocated for more than a decade that Jacksonville must become a safer place for people to ride bicycles and walk.  Yet, Jacksonville had not developed a new bike ped master plan since 1999.  

Hit and Run Drivers and Bicycle Accidents

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Advocacy, on .

The statistics on hit and run accidents are prodigious.  The conduct of drivers who leave the scene is absurd and preposterous.  A motorist causing a crash and injuring another person is regrettable.  Choosing to leave the scene, commonly called, "hit and run", without rendering aid to the injured party is senseless, depraved and immoral. 

Sadly, this heinous behavior happens prolifically in Florida, especially with pedestrian and bicycling victims.